After our own disappointment in the sake selection in town, it was clear that The Wine Thief would open with a unique selection of sakes, all of premium quality. A collection of fine Nigiri and Junmai Ginjo/Daiginjo sakes (see descriptions below) can be found in our store ranging in prices and flavors. We are also pleased to carry sake cups and sets.




About Sakes

  • Sake, or rice wine, is one of the purest and cleanest forms of alcoholic beverages. There are many different styles available, with various levels of qualities.

  • While in the United States hot sake is a treat, in Japan, good sake is often drunk cold, as heat can mask imperfections. All of the sakes at The Wine Thief are of the highest quality, and designed to be drunk cold.While wonderful chilled, they are delicious heated as well!

  • There is a classification of six sakes known collectively as “tokutei meishoshu” or “special designation sake.” Constituting only about 20% of all sake produced, tokutei meishoshu sakes use grains of rice that have been polished (milled) to remove at least the outer 30%. This means that each grain of rice is only 70% or less of its original size, which means purer, “cleaner” sake.

    These six sakes include three with added alcohol (Honjonzo-shu, Ginjo-shu, and Daiginjo-shu) and three without (Junmai-shu, Junami Ginjo-shu, and Junmai Daiginjo-shu). The Wine Thief is proud to offer a selection of tokutei meishoshu sakes.

  • Nigiri sakes are unfiltered, cloudy, and have a sweeter flavor.